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-Nick Marsh, U.S. Army

Indiana University
M.S., Medical Physics

Nick was inspired by his younger brother and followed  his lead in joining the Army National  Guard. He felt he could serve his community and country while also continuing to accomplish his educational goals. During his 2011 deployment to Afghanistan, Nick’s mission  was to support a route clearance  company as a combat medic.  Several members of Nick’s unit gave the ultimate sacrifice, but the determination to accomplish the mission was never lost. Nick decided the best way to remember and honor his fallen comrades would be to invest in his fellow soldiers through helping student veterans accomplish their goals.

Currently working towards his master’s degree in medical physics at Indiana University, Nick is interested in the treatment of cancers with radiation and the improvement of these techniques. It is Nick’s passion to assure Veterans in need  are taken care of. Through his involvement in the Student Veterans of America at Indiana University and the Peer Advisors for Veteran Education program, Nick has helped ensure that any student Veteran or dependent has a place to go should they need anything. Upon completing his master’s program, Nick hopes to lead the radiation oncology centers at several VA hospitals, assuring that standards are set high for every patient treated.