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-Kate Hoit, U.S. Army Reserve

Johns Hopkins University
M.A., Writing

At 17, Kate decided she wanted to be a part of the U.S. Army Reserve. Three years later, she deployed to Iraq. In a public affairs job for the base newspaper, Kate worked as a writer and photojournalist. This ignited a desire to write more about the war experience, and that passion continued after she returned home.

Going over seas and witnessing the realities of war had changed her perspective about life and the world around her. One of the greatest lessons she’s learned from the military is to keep moving forward. A writer, by both profession and hobby, she has contributed to the The New York Times, TIME Magazine and Huffington Post. She now works in strategic communications for the Department of Veteran Affairs in Washington, D.C., where she continues to write as a voice for veterans. Help support scholars like Kate.