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-James Bishop, U.S. Air Force

Indiana University
Ph.D., English

The son of a lifelong soldier and brother of one as well, James continued his family tradition of service as an active duty officer for eight years serving in the Air Force Reserves. Both James’ his father taught at military service academies and their family takes great pride in the role of educating future leaders. Following his service he was admitted to a top-25 graduate program in English and wrote a dissertation on the role of sports in American ideas of opportunity and assimilating modernity. James plans to continue his service as an educator, ideally at the U.S. Air Force Academy.

James has dedicated his life to the complementary missions of service and scholarship. After teaching at a military service academy as an Air Force officer, James will pursue a PhD in American Literature while serving in the Air Force Reserves. He intends to return to teaching at the Air Force Academy.