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-Dallas Gray, U.S. Air Force

University of Oregon
Master of Architecture

Inspired by his father who voluntarily enlisted during the Vietnam War, Dallas and his two brothers followed in their father’s footsteps and enlisted in the military, all joining the 133rd Airlift Wing. Taught by his father that the ‘key to leading a life worth living is to give yourself up to a greater cause, to sacrifice and try to contribute more to society than you take’, Dallas’ father assured him it was something he would understand if he were to ever join the military.

It was after several deployments overseas to Afghanistan, Germany, and Norway that Dallas realized the wisdom of his father’s words. The concept of always giving more than himself is what led him down his current career path, to study and implement sustainable architecture in order to improve the quality of our built environment in a meaningful and lasting way, in addition to mentoring current undergraduate architecture students.

While deployed in 2007 in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and interrupting his undergraduate education in architecture, Dallas viewed sustainable design in a new way and as a result was inspired to re-think how the field of architecture could implement sustainable design. Having visited 16 different countries throughout Europe and Asia, Dallas plans to offer a unique perspective to architectural problems while providing inspiration in the field of architecture, bringing creativity and dedication to help shape the world around us in a long-lasting sustainable way.