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-Bonnie Hayes, U.S. Air Force

Georgetown University
M.A. Sports Management

Bonnie Hayes is an Air Force veteran with a humanitarian mentality, who aspires to be part of social change and servicing others. Bonnie realized her propensity for helping others when she became a mental health technician in 2003. While deployed to southwest Asia, during Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom, she was able to help services members cope with the stressors and tension associated with the war. As a mentor to at risk girls, Bonnie has been a soundboard for 15 young women who were awarded to the state or homeless youths. She taught them basic life skills, donated items to improve their daily living and encouraged them to experience activities outside of their comfort zones. She has also volunteered for Habitat for Humanity and helps those in need in her community.

Bonnie is currently a student at Georgetown University and is studying to obtain a graduate degree in Sports Industry Management. With her degree, she hopes to enact more change by opening a sports facility that focuses on providing events, mental health counseling and adaptive equipment for Wounded Warriors.