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-Benjamin Nelson, U.S. Marine Corps

University of Washington
Juris Doctor

At nearly 17 years of age, Ben was deeply moved by the events of September 11, 2001. Prior to that time, he thought he would just go to college and figure things out from there. The terrorist attacks on the United States forever changed him, creating both a keen awareness of the world around him and a powerful urge to do something on behalf of his country. This high degree of personal efficacy attracted him to the Marines.

Ben would go on to serve almost 12 years in the Marine Corps. As both an enlisted Marine and officer, he gained unparalleled leadership experience and a life-long passion for public service. Shortly after serving as a platoon commander in Afghanistan, Ben began law school at the University of Washington. During his final year, he worked for a local prosecutor’s office and has since become a deputy prosecutor. Ben’s time in both Iraq and Afghanistan taught him the importance of the rule of law and a developed justice system.

Ben will continue serving the public when he begins working for a U.S. District Court Judge in August of 2017. He believes the most important responsibility of a Tillman Scholar is to never stop serving others.