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-Amy Riedel, U.S. Navy

The Ohio State University
Juris Doctor

Inspired by her parent’s service and dedication to family and country, Amy worked hard to earn acceptance to the Naval Academy and commission as a Surface Warfare Officer. Throughout her military service, she learned the importance of collaborating as a team to achieve common purpose, a critical lesson that she believes will help advance the next step of human development: creating a multi-planetary civilization.

Although the international community has created a basic legal framework to operate within, Amy believes current domestic laws and international treaties still leave significant ambiguities for space exploration and resource utilization.  As a Naval Officer, her firsthand experience operating with the maritime legal framework provided her with a strong basis to approach the difficulties of space law, from de-conflicting traffic rules to the intricacies of resource ownership. As a lawyer, she wants to develop new space regulations and establish a regulatory body that benefit citizens, while encouraging responsible colonization and commercialization through advances in technology.