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-Adam Ratesic, U.S. Air Force

University of Arizona
Doctor of Medicine

Adam enlisted in the Air Force after 9/11 to answer our nations call and fulfill a duty to our country. He didn’t just want to serve in our military; he wanted to make a strong impact. Despite the high attrition rate and negative pressure from his recruiter, he decided to pursue the Pararescue career field. The instant Adam read the Pararescue mission statement he fell in love:  “…these things we do that others may live”.

Adam began training with over 120 men and graduated four years later with 8 Pararescue Jumpers (PJ). After a training incident he suffered a severe infection and developed an autoimmune illness. As a result, he was permanently disqualified from performing rescue flight missions. Without hesitation he volunteered to finish his enlistment as an instructor. Working side by side with the PJ medical director illuminated desire to pursue medicine to the highest degree.

While working full-time as a Paramedic and attending school full-time Adam became a first generation college graduate. He is currently a fourth year medical student at University of Arizona in Tucson. His new mission is to become a physician and work in the VA health care system so that he can give others the hope to move forward in their lives and the courage to face the challenges ahead.