Pints for Pat Playbook

Thank you for your support in planning your very own Pints for Pat, raising funds for our Tillman Scholar program! Here you will find everything you need to make your event a success! For additional questions our team is here to support you at [email protected]

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How to Host a Pints for Pat

We’re thrilled you are hosting a Pints for Pat event. All Pints for Pat events can look different, and we hope you will find what works best for you and your community. Pints for Pat are a great way to spread organizational awareness and raise necessary funds. You can create a fundraiser event and sell tickets as donations to the Pat Tillman Foundation! If you would prefer to make your event admission free, you can include additional ways for donations during the course of your event. You can choose whether or not to host a silent auction or raffle, sell PTF Merchandise, sell Pints for Pat commemorative pint glasses, sell drink or raffle tickets. In addition, some venue hosts are willing to donate sale proceeds back to the organization as well. We encourage you to be creative and find what will work best for your group.

Download the Playbook

Tips for your event

  • Host a raffle and/or silent auction

Create raffle baskets and gather a robust inventory of premiere items that guests will want to win! For larger impact, you can create an online silent auction (consider using a platform like so people beyond the event can also participate.

  • Sell tickets for your event!

Consider charging an entry fee for your Pints for Pat! Depending on where you choose to host your event and who is sponsoring it, you can best determine how much to charge the attendees.

  • Consider a 50/50 as well. You can sell raffle tickets and split the profits with the winner

This is a great way to get buy-in from your guests and support PTF. People love to win, especially a sum of money!

  • Sell PTF Merchandise and P4P pint glasses on site

You can get items wholesale from our PTF website or get wholesale pint glasses from our wholesale supplier. If you would like to purchase wholesale items for your event, please reach out to [email protected].

  • Drink sales

Connect with your venue host about allocating percentage or dollar amount from drink sales (i.e. $1 per beer sold, 20% of all drink sales, etc) to PTF. Alternatively, work with your venue to sell drink tickets at an agreed-upon amount, with the overage benefitting PTF.

Let’s Organize A Silent Auction or Raffle!

We want to provide some insight for organizing a successful silent auction or raffle. Items that always do well at silent auctions and raffles are autographed memorabilia, gift cards or certificates to companies, restaurants and hotels, unique gift sets, etc. Businesses & vendors to consider reaching out to for in-kind donations:

  • Local and national NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, NCAA, WNBA, MLS, etc.
  • Local restaurants, bars and breweries
  • Local and global clothing shops and retailers
  • Local zoo, parks, and festivals

Begin reaching out at least 8 weeks prior to your event. This gives vendors enough turn around time to make internal asks and cover all shipping time needed to get items to you. The more asks you make, the better your odds are. Don’t be discouraged if some companies say no! For every no, there is always another yes around the corner. You will be provided with an in-kind donation form template.

For your silent auction, you can host this strictly on site or decide to take it digital and broaden your bidding pool. During the duration of your event, you can make your silent auction live online so individuals who cannot attend are also still able to participate. Create QR codes so guests can scan and bid for those silent auction items online as others are doing globally as well. Make sure you close the online auction at the same time it closes at the event.

If you are choosing to host a raffle on site, you can sell tickets for your raffle boxes. Price the raffle tickets at whatever price is comfortable to you (i.e. 1 ticket for $5, 25 tickets for $50, etc.) 

Types of auctions for your event

Promoting your Pints for Pat!

The key to any successful event is marketing, and Pints for Pat is no different! Here are some helpful tips and tricks that will help spread the word about your event, sell tickets, and inform your audience:

  • Post your event on social media! Use the provided social media templates and share this out with your social networks including information about your event! When you post, make sure to tag the @pattillmanfnd on instagram!
  • Work with your venue to see if they will post your event on their social channels as well to help boost engagement! You can also see if they will approve printed flyers or event promotion in their facility the week leading up to your Pints for Pat.
  • Send out an email blast to potential donors, friends, coworkers and local residents. You can even share the event information on local community pages on Facebook.

As mentioned, the foundation will provide one guaranteed email blast to our donor base in your region to help spread the word! 

Social Media Templates

For a full rundown on how to make your Pints for Pat event a success, download the Playbook below. If you have any questions throughout your planning process, reach out to a member of our team!

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Frequently asked questions

Does PTF provide the space for the event?

We are not able to secure or provide space for your Pints for Pat event. However, our team would be happy to walk you through recommendations and outreach.

What is PTF able to provide for our event?

Our team is happy to provide you with the following event support: 

  • A letter of authorization to validate the authenticity of the event and its organizers 
  • Support on a fundraising/registration page build-out
  • Provide a marketing toolkit including an overview for the approved use of our logo, boiler language, sample collateral, proposed social media language, etc. 
  • PTF will provide 1 regional specific email blast for promotion of your event
  • Additionally, PTF will provide suggestions regarding best practices on fundraising, running a successful raffle and auction, best practices on securing in-kind donations, etc. 
  • The foundation will provide exclusive PTF merchandise (including a gift certificate to to raffle (value: $150)
Does PTF provide the pint glasses for our event?

Purchasing the Pints for Pat Guinness pint glasses for the event is optional. If you plan to do so for your event, we kindly ask the event host to purchase these. Our team will connect you directly with our distributor via email and let you know what information is needed to begin the ordering process. Typically, the turnaround time for ordering glasses is one month.

Is someone from PTF able to attend my event?

We cannot guarantee that PTF staff or a Tillman Scholar will be able to attend your event. However, if there is an opportunity to have someone local to your area attend, we will absolutely help to facilitate that!

Will PTF help promote my event?

Yes, PTF can help promote your event by sending one email to people in your area and by sharing one social media post.

Thank you again for your interest in hosting a Pints for Pat. If you have additional questions about Pints for Pat, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team at [email protected].