Vote for Tillman Scholars in SXSW 2021 PanelPicker

Blog | 11/18/2020

Plans are underway for 2021 events and conferences and the Pat Tillman Foundation and a couple of Tillman Scholars are up for inclusion! South by Southwest is once again making it possible for new voices to be heard through their PanelPicker contest, and these topics need your vote to be included in next year’s programming!

It’s no secret that Tillman Scholars are an impressive group who make waves in their respective fields. From healthcare and science to education and civil rights, Tillman Scholars transcend a wide array of backgrounds and industries. These three Tillman Scholars are working toward getting their research noticed; check out their PanelPicker Proposals and vote for them. Your vote helps them become part of SXSW programming!

Emily Balog, 2018 Tillman Scholar

Who is Emily?

Emily Balog is an Air Force veteran and 2018 Tillman Scholar who specializes in a concept called “aging in place.” Emily’s research led her to a Ph.D. in Translational Health Sciences from George Washington University and has been using her experience to help implement programs to impact the collective health and meaningful aging of older adults. See Emily’s topic and proposal summary below.

Empowered Aging Through the Digital Village

Proposal Overview

“Older adults are at risk for health issues due to isolation which is heightened by COVID-19. While digital tech usage is increasing during COVID, what are we doing to enhance tech to improve the lives of our vulnerable communities? By creating a platform to connect with ‘buddies’ and healthcare providers, Uzelink features empower physical, social, and mental wellness for older adults. The path forward is analyzing trends to develop tailored intervention and prevention strategies for the Uzer.”

Emily has submitted her presentation to both SXSW and SXSW Edu.

Emily’s SXSW Panel

Emily’s SXSW EDU Panel

Trillitye Paullin, 2014 Tillman Scholar

Who is Trillitye?

Trillitye Paullin is an Army veteran and 2014 Tillman Scholar pursuing a career in cancer research. After earning her Ph.D. in Cellular, Molecular, and Microbiology at the University of South Florida, Trillitye founded Free to Feed, a resource offering science-based content for allergen-free breastfeeding and is currently developing products to empower parents through infant allergies.

Emboldening Parents with Data to Faster Diagnosis

Proposal Overview

“Delayed diagnosis and misdiagnosis are most prevalent in young children. This is especially the case for less-understood disorders such as non-IgE mediated food allergies. The wide range of symptoms, significant timing variations, and inability for parents to effectively communicate concerns compounds this further. Today, a staggering 25% of parents report infant food allergy or intolerance symptoms while less than 5% are ever officially diagnosed. In order to better support parents, Trillitye founded Free to Feed, focused on helping parents navigate food allergies. Free to Feed is creating a mobile technology to allow thorough parental reporting as well as a breast milk test strip which detects maternal dietary food proteins.”

Trill has submitted her panel to SXSW.

Trill’s SXSW Panel


Pat Tillman Foundation (Dan Futrell, JD Due & Tabatha Renz)

The Pat Tillman Foundation honors the legacy of Arizona Cardinals football player and Army veteran Pat Tillman by empowering outstanding military service members, veterans and spouses as the next generation of public and private sector leaders committed to service beyond self. This panel is comprised of CEO Dan Futrell (2011 Tillman Scholar), Director of Programs and Scholarships JD Due, and Program Manager Tabatha Renz (2013 Tillman Scholar).

Developing the Leaders of Tomorrow, Today

Proposal Overview 

“What is legacy? More importantly, what is leadership? More specifically, in a society awash with demand for innovation, meaning, and connection, how can you use community, shared experiences, and a common commitment of values to use the inspiration of a legacy to develop leaders for the future? The Pat Tillman Foundation invites you to join a discussion rooted in our aspirational belief that our community of remarkable veteran and military spouse Tillman Scholars is uniquely positioned to positively impact how leaders can learn and grow.”

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