PTF Top 10: Celebrating Our Values at Tillman Honors

Blog, PTF Top 10 2022 | 12/13/2022

Each year at Tillman Honors, we celebrate Pat Tillman’s legacy of service beyond self and our values of service, scholarship, humble leadership, and impact. 2022 was no different — and that’s why we added our annual luncheon to this year’s list of Top 10 highlights. 

The Champion Award celebrates Pat’s legacy and belief that we should always strive to be part of something bigger than ourselves, by recognizing an individual for remarkable civic contributions, extraordinary fortitude and spirit of service, while the Make Your Mark Award honors a Tillman Scholar who embodies values of service, scholarship, humble leadership and impact in their work and daily life

At this year’s event, hosted by Uber’s Michael Pett. In 2022, we honored Bryan Stevenson, executive director and founder of the Equal Justice Institute, as our Champion Awardee and Bridgette Bell, a 2017 Tillman Scholar, as our Make Your Mark Awardee. Tillman Scholars Lance Decker, Maya Herzog, and Erika Neuman also gave Make Your Mark talks to share their own journeys and impact. 

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