PTF Top 10: Team Tillman

Blog, PTF Top 10 2022 | 12/16/2022

Pat spent his life pushing the limits. His achievements on the football field are well known, but his commitment to challenging himself extended beyond football in his off-season, running marathons, doing half-marathon triathlons and cliff diving. We created Team Tillman as another way for those who love to push their limits to honor Pat’s legacy and support the Tillman Scholars who carry on his values today. 

This year Team Tillman amassed more than 100 members! These athletes raised nearly $200K this year for the Pat Tillman Foundation through our partnerships with the New York City and Chicago Marathons; Team Tillman members also took on challenges such as the the Central Florida Spartan Races, The Marine Corps Marathon, as well as the 500-mile Camino de Santiago!

With participants from all over the country, this community grew stronger than ever all while supporting the work of our more than 800 Tillman Scholars. If you are looking for your next challenge and want to support PTF while doing so, you can register at

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