PTF Top 10: PTLS Back in Person!

Blog, PTF Top 10 2022 | 12/14/2022

There is a lot to be said about our Tillman Scholars. Individually, their accomplishments are plentiful, only to be outweighed by their humble leadership. Individually, their passion for leaving the world better than they found it inspires action in their own communities and across the globe. Individually, they have a commitment to service beyond self, making their impact everlasting.

So what happens when you get them in a room together?

For the first time since 2019, we brought 150 Tillman Scholars together in Chicago for the Pat Tillman Leadership Summit. A weekend full of some of the most inspiring individuals connecting, collaborating, and learning together as they take on the most challenging issues in their impact areas. Our thanks to the Pro Football Hall of Fame and Ford Motor Company for helping us bring all these scholars together through their Hall of Heroes program. 

This weekend further solidified the strength in our community when we have the opportunity to come together. Relive some of the highlights from this weekend and see why PTLS 2022 has earned its spot on our 2022 PTF Top 10 Moments!