TILLMAN TUESDAY: An Experience of a Lifetime at Pat’s Run for a Sixth Grader from Indianapolis

Featured Media, News, Blog | 04/25/2017

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 In a special edition of Tillman Tuesday, this week we are thrilled to share the story of Danny and his son Jack Feeney, who traveled from Indianapolis to participate in their first Pat’s Run. How they learned about Pat Tillman and the run named in his honor is what makes the annual event so special and memorable.

During the recent 13th Annual Pat’s Run we learned about stories of perseverance, overcoming adversity, inspiration and those of first time participants like Jack Feeney and his dad Danny.

A sixth grader from Indianapolis, Jack and his dad had been watching the Football Life series produced by NFL Films. One particular documentary that really interested Jack was the story of Pat Tillman.

“I really thought it was neat how he was playing football but then decided to go serve his country instead,” said Jack. “I thought it was cool how they did a run for Pat since he died.”

Having never been to Arizona before or even heard of Pat’s Run until watching A Football Life, Jack asked his parents if he could go.

“Having watched the Pat Tillman story we had been talking about what he meant to America and what he meant to us. For Christmas Jack asked us if he could come out to Tempe to participate in Pat’s Run,” said Danny. “We had some airline miles, which helped, and decided to make a father-son weekend out of it.”

The unforgettable experience entailed meeting Tillman Scholars who are carrying forward Pat’s legacy, along with Pat’s friends and family featured in the film – which Jack was most looking forward to while learning more about Pat.

Danny Feeney (left) and his son Jack had the privilege of meeting Pat’s Run co-founders Perry Edinger and Doug Tammaro (right), learning more about Pat and his legacy.

“It’s a credit to the Feeney family that they have a child that understands Pat’s story,” said Doug Tammaro, ASU Media Relations Director.

On race day Jack and Danny were interviewed by Pat’s Run media partner 3TV/CBS 5 and had the opportunity to meet Indiana University alum, ESPN personality and newest Pat Tillman Foundation Board Member, Sage Steele as well as Arizona Cardinals running back and race starter David Johnson.

“It’s meant a lot to both of us to share in this experience and make a whole weekend out of it,” Danny said.

Danny and Jack Feeney had the honor of meeting Pat’s Run race starter David Johnson

Hailing from Indianapolis, it was an honor for the Feeneys to meet ESPN personality and Indiana University alum, Sage Steele

“Jack’s weekend is a big credit to NFL Films for being such great storytellers,” said Tammaro. “To have a 12-year-old want to travel from Indianapolis to experience Pat’s Run is special to anyone who has had a part in this race.”

The Feeney’s said they have already decided their entire family will be coming back to Pat’s Run next year.