Tillman Scholars Inspire Action

Blog | 11/16/2022

What inspires you? Is there a cause you are passionate about? What keeps you up at night?

The answer to these questions will vary from person to person. We face a society rife with challenges, whether it’s food security, climate change, access to education and healthcare, human trafficking, racial equity, or cancer. But even though we face so many challenges — and everyone has something they’re passionate about — whatever that cause or concern is, there’s likely a Tillman Scholar working to make it better.

With your support, our Tillman Scholars can solve these challenges, and much more, with just one gift this season. Through Dec. 31, 2022, we’re raising $200,000 to empower and unite these remarkable service members, veterans, and military spouses as they inspire action in each other and their communities.

By investing in the Pat Tillman Foundation, you empower extraordinary Tillman Scholars with the resources, network, and leadership skills they need to make a difference. You inspire action and create new generations of leaders on the way to a better world.

Tillman Scholars believe that their greatest years of service are not behind them, but ahead. They see the issues we face and their character and experiences uniquely position them to be the leaders that can meet the moment with the greatest impact. Help us help them meet that moment and give today


Pat Tillman consistently proved throughout his lifetime that he could outperform anyone’s expectations for him — and he showed it when he went from being drafted 226th in 1998 to becoming the Arizona Cardinal’s starting safety. That spirit and tenacity is behind Team 226, a monthly membership program that sustains our foundation and our Tillman Scholars program throughout the year and brings our most committed supporters deeper into our community.