Top Medical Tips to Have a Great Race Day

Blog | 04/24/2021

The Pat Tillman Foundation appreciates the support of Banner Health, the official medical team of the 17th Annual Pat’s Run. For the last 10 weeks, the Banner Health team has provided tools, resources, and tricks so that Pat’s Run participants can run a safe race; the following is the last post ahead of Pat’s Run.

Amy Jo Overlin, MD, Banner Health

  • Get a solid 8 hours of sleep the night before your race day.
  • Pre-hydrate 2-4 hours before your event with 10-20 oz of fluids.
  • 2-4 hours before your race eat a healthy meal, high in carbohydrates with some fat and protein, Think toast with a nut butter, a scrambled egg and a piece of fruit as an example.
  • Wear comfortable, breathable clothing, like your Pat’s Run sport-tech shirt, and choose lighter colored clothes if you will be participating in a hot climate.
  • Plan to complete your run in the earlier part of the day if you live in a warm climate. This helps to prevent heat related illnesses.
  • Don’t forget to apply your sunscreen and lip balm with SPF in it before you head out.
  • Wear a good pair of running or cross-training shoes that you have practiced in.  Don’t break in a new pair of shoes on race day or your feet and the blisters you get won’t like you very much the next day.
  • Fifteen to 30 minutes before you are going to start your race, do a light warm up of active stretching, light jogging or walking to get ready.
  • At race time, bring water or other fluids, such as a sports drink, with you. (In a virtual race we won’t have our typical awesome hydration stations to help you out!)
  • During the race, listen to your body. If you are having a great day feel free to push your pace. If your body is telling you to slow down and walk a bit, listen to it. The goal is to finish safely.
  • After your race make sure to rehydrate and refuel.
  • Take a deep breath and ENJOY! Your participation is helping the hundreds of Tillman Scholars pursue their dreams, keeping Pat’s legacy alive and honoring Pat in a profound way.  As a bonus you are doing something truly healthy for your body and soul! Give ‘Em Hell 2021 Pat’s Run Participants!