Addison May Proves You’re Never Too Young to Make an Impact

Uncategorized | 03/12/2021

You’re never too young to make an impact! Recently, we received a very special donation from 5-year-old Addison May. Each year, Addison chooses to donate her birthday money to the Pat Tillman Foundation. Her parents, George and Rachel May told us why:

“As parents, we feel it is very important that we help our children understand the idea of selfless service.  The idea of serving a cause greater and beyond one’s own personal endeavors is also something my wife and I have both practiced in our own lives and it’s something we’re working to instill in our children as well.  As a child, my wife donated much of her bat mitzvah money to a local charity and also volunteered one summer to help rebuild an underprivileged area in the Dominican Republic.  After college, instead of applying to law school in 2002, I decided to enlist in the U.S. Army, following Pat Tillman’s lead.  He has always been such an inspiration to me, so I feel compelled to ensure that his legacy lives on through the work of his foundation.  While my daughter is too young to truly understand his story in its entirety, donating her birthday money is the first step to understanding what it means to give, so that those not as fortunate as her have a better chance at life.  And she really loves doing it! It makes her mother and I very proud and I think it’s something that Pat would love to see as well.”

If you’d also like to make a donation to the Pat Tillman Foundation like Addison, you can do so here.