Mileage Monday: Miles for Smiles

Blog | 10/26/2020

Mileage Monday has taken on a new meaning this week! When a participant in the Pat’s Run 42 in 40 Challenge was hospitalized with COVID-19, she took to the Pat’s Run Facebook group to ask fellow runners for their advice on completing her miles. Almost immediately, fellow members of the community flooded her post: “I can donate some of my miles to you!”

And just like that, Miles for Smiles was born.

In just two short days, this runner was supported by fellow participants and completed her 42 miles while being treated for COVID-19 during this Miles for Smiles initiative. A total of 6 runners worked together and contributed 42.2 miles for the runner in need — an average of 7.03 miles per person!

A testament to Pat’s legacy, this impromptu program organized by the PTF community embodies everything that Pat stood for — to help those when you can. Miles for Smiles came just in the nick of time, too. In the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing more stories of kindness and compassion through our Leadership Through Action initiative. We’d love to hear your stories of going the extra mile to help someone in need as well; simply post your story on social media, tag the Pat Tillman Foundation, and use #LeadThroughAction.

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