Core Values Round Up: Humble Leadership

Blog, Core Values | 04/26/2022

The Pat Tillman Foundation is rooted in the four core values held nearest to Pat. Service, Impact, Humble Leadership and Scholarship run through not only our organization’s veins, but they are exemplified by the actions of our more than 750 remarkable Tillman Scholars.

The next core value we are taking a deeper look into is humble leadership. Perhaps not as straight forward as the rest of our core values, but a defining characteristic in how Pat lived his life. Humble leadership can look like many things. It is a commitment to leading by example, while maintaining the humility to know that the end goal is impact, not ego.

There are countless stories of our remarkable Tillman Scholars exemplifying humbles leadership, but what comes to mind most prevalently are the stories of our scholars coming together to support and evacuate our Afghan allies during the fall of Kabul. For their efforts in what was known as Digital Dunkirk, Tillman Scholars Rick Schumacher, Junaid Lughmani, and Kate Hoit accepted the 2021 Make Your Mark award on behalf of the dozens of scholars who were a part of this inspired effort. Check out their acceptance speeches below or watch our stream from the 2021 Tillman Honors here.