Hispanic Heritage Month: Linguistic Diversity with Fernanda Palacios Herrera

Blog, Hispanic Heritage Month | 09/23/2021

Throughout Hispanic Heritage Month, we’ve asked Tillman Scholars to reflect on what Hispanic Heritage Month means to them, as well the role their culture plays in their studies and areas of impact. Look for stories each week on their experiences and how everyone can reflect and celebrate this month.

“To empower, advance and protect the rights of Latinos, that is the absolute best way to celebrate this month.” —Fernanda Palacios Herrera 

As a daughter of Mexican immigrants raised in a low-income, mixed legal status home, Fernanda developed her passion for helping those in need at a young age. Her Mexican heritage has influenced her passion for advocating for immigrants, leading her to pursue a career in law so she can continue her work on behalf of immigrants and impoverished communities for the last nine years.

To Fernanda, Hispanic Heritage Month means cherishing and celebrating cultural and linguistic differences that make up the Latinx community. In this video, she discusses the importance of Hispanic Heritage Month, the diversity within the Latinx diaspora, and encourages others to make this month a time for growth and celebration by volunteering to local organizations who directly support the Latino community.

To learn more, watch this video from Fernanda!