Tillman Tuesdays: Applying as a Military Spouse

Blog, Tips for Applying | 02/08/2022

With applications for the 2022 class of Tillman Scholars now open through February 28, we want to help you make the most out of your application! While the process may be arduous, the rewards last a lifetime. As the Pat Tillman Foundation continues to address the leadership gap in our country, it is the passion and tenacity of our growing Tillman Scholar community that offers unique perspectives and creative solutions to overcome seemingly insurmountable issues facing our society and world.

Our organization does not just support active military members and veterans, the Tillman Scholar community is also made up of remarkable spouses whose support and sacrifices inspire the type of passion instilled in everyone of our scholars. We encourage all military spouses to apply, and offer some tips for you from some of our very own military spouse Tillman Scholars!

“You have an incredible story and your application is the place to share it. Help us understand what brought you to this moment where you are saying yes to this incredible possibility so that we can say yes to you joining our community.”

Maryn Taylor, 2021 Tillman Scholar

“If you’re a military spouse, believe in yourself and apply! You already do the impossible every day! You move every few years with your active-duty servicemember, most likely handling the majority of the logistics of that including all the school, medical and housing issues that come up with your family. You support your spouse with involvement in their military community and command. You volunteer like a pro. you may also be trying to maintain a career when you have to uproot your life every few years. AND you’re looking into going back to school on top of that. You are awesome! You should apply!”

Anna Lopiccolo, 2012 Tillman Scholar

“When applying as a military spouse, be sure to not diminish any unpaid work or accomplishments. Service to others shows up in a variety of ways and often tells the story of your passion, tenacity, and leadership. Being authentic in this way draws the reader to your application and paints a better picture of who you are and the impact you seek to have in your community.”

Theresa Jones, 2020 Tillman Scholar


For more resources and to get started on your application, visit apply.ptf.org