Applying to be a 2023 Tillman Scholar? Here’s the Rundown.

Blog | 11/01/2022

Applications for the 2023 class of Tillman Scholars open today! We will be inviting active duty military, veterans, and military spouses to apply to be a part of our next class of 60 remarkable individuals. Before we welcome in our 15th class of Tillman Scholars, we want to give you insight on our application process. 

We’ve shifted our application window to begin earlier and close on Feb. 28, 2023 at 11:59pm PST. All applicants will need to include their current resume and character recommendations, submit two 400-word essays, and provide several pieces of documentation. For a full breakdown of requirements, check out our Eligibility and Requirements page.

Through late March, PTF staff, Tillman Scholars, and University Partners will conduct an initial application review, and then will advance the top 30% of applicants to selection committees made up of Tillman Scholars, investors, PTF staff and supporters, and University Partners. The pool will narrow through two more committees before selecting the final group of applicants who will be invited to the interview phase; finalists will then interview with PTF staff members from end of May to early June. PTF will notify our 2023 Tillman Scholar class by mid-June, with a public announcement at the end of the month.

This process may feel long, but we pride ourselves on how rigorously we select our 60 scholars each year. The benefits of joining this community are life-changing. We are not simply a scholarship program, but a community of supportive peers and caring mentors for life. Once you become a Tillman Scholar, your network of opportunities expands to hundreds of scholars and thousands of supporters, whose dedication and commitment to service are boundless. 

For more resources when preparing your application, visit us at or contact us at [email protected]