2024 Tillman Scholar

Zac Cobb

Air Force
Yale University

“I care about working hard on important things. Serving in uniform was an honor and a privilege, and with a legal career ahead, the hard work continues.”

After graduating from The University of Texas at Austin and working for 3 years in New York City in investment banking, Zac enlisted in the United States Air Force with the goal of becoming a Pararescueman (PJ). After completing the PJ training pipeline, Zac was assigned to a Special Tactics Squadron and was deployed to East Africa. 

Zac will be attending Yale Law School as a JD candidate in the Class of 2027. He hopes to use his law degree to continue public service, doing his part in upholding and strengthening the rule of law. He believes our country deserves committed public servants with high levels of integrity and a proven commitment to excellence, and he sees a clear path from his time in special operations through a rigorous legal education to the highest levels of leadership and responsibility in his community. Zac believes our military and our justice system are our nation’s two most important institutions, and he is eager to take the lessons learned while in uniform to continue serving his loved ones, his community, and his country as an attorney.

Zac is originally from Dallas, Texas. He and his wife, Lauren, are grateful to be surrounded by an incredible circle of family and friends.