2024 Tillman Scholar

William Kirk Wolff

University of Virginia

“Serving our nation was the honor of a lifetime, and I will continue to serve by advocating for marginalized communities to ensure the American Dream is available for all.”

Kirk Wolff is a Navy veteran who aspires to help underserved communities and advocate for common sense criminal justice reform. Kirk has firsthand experience with the impact of injustice on families and hopes to serve as a resource and advocate for those who otherwise would not have one. 

After growing up in rural Tennessee, Kirk graduated from the United States Naval Academy in 2018. He served for 5 years as a Surface Warfare Officer based out of San Diego and Norfolk. As a division officer, Kirk was inspired by the diverse teams of sailors who came together to accomplish high stakes projects and missions, including during a 2020 deployment to the Middle East. Kirk’s favorite aspects of service were the ability to provide mentorship and the opportunity to be a part of something greater than himself. 

In 2019, Kirk was named the Navy’s Public Affairs Representative of the Year, earning the Thompson-Ravitz Award for Excellence and Leadership. He now hopes to be a voice for disadvantaged, rural communities like the one he was raised in. Kirk believes it takes dedicated legal professionals to use the law as a safeguard against violence and injustice.