2015 Tillman Scholar

William Jones

University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio

“My service has solidified my ‘never quit’ attitude and there is always a way to accomplish the mission.”

Joining the military right out of high school, following in his brother’s footsteps, the decision for William to serve was life changing, learning the most important lesson of teamwork. Having been part of small teams throughout his entire military career, coupled with his work in the military, has taught William how to be a good leader and great teammate, a person who is trusted and who trusts others, especially when lives are on the line. William prides himself on being a man true to his word, reliable and skilled in his areas of focus and looks to carry those principles forward in the next chapter of his life.

Having earned a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics, William now looks to become a medical doctor. With principles acquired during his service, including his “never quit” attitude and believing there is always a way to accomplish the mission, William plans to carry these same principles while pursuing his medical degree. His dedication, leadership, and teamwork skills will ensure William reaches his ultimate goal of providing the best medical care possible to patients.

Upon graduation, William’s intention is to spend as much time in free clinics as possible after witnessing first hand in Afghanistan how quality medical care impacts those who have trouble accessing it. William aspires to extend the same hope he saw medicine give the villagers in Afghanistan, making a difference through the wellness of others by helping people live a healthier, fuller life.