2018 Tillman Scholar

Trevor Prophet

Stanford University

“As leaders, we have the privileged responsibility of inspiring and connecting people to vision and purpose.”

Reflecting on his time in the military, Trevor remains grateful for one thing in particular: the daily freedom to make a choice. This choice was a deeply personal decision on whether to take action or sit on the bench; to inspire change or embrace the status quo; to take risks or cling to the comfort of consensus. This defining principle guided him to engage the most challenging flight sorties and leadership roles as a Naval Aviator, and push his students to their academic potential as a U.S. Naval Academy military professor.

His proudest career moment outside of the Navy was founding and operating a mobile car detailing business that mentored and employed underprivileged high school students in Baltimore City. Building on this impact model as an MBA candidate at Stanford Business School, Trevor is currently experimenting with a pilot program that trains and pairs underserved populations with responsibilities in property management and community real estate. He feels that there is an opportunity on both sides of the marketplace, and from his observations as an aviation maintenance officer, he believes that values such as ownership, accountability and pride are excellent forms of intrinsic motivation for the property managing teams.

Stanford’s mission statement is, “Change Lives. Change Organizations. Change the World.” Trevor personally views this as not merely a suggestion or goal, but a responsibility. It’s why he chose to serve his country and why he believes a mindset and culture devoted to changing the world will help fulfill that responsibility.