2021 Tillman Scholar

Timothy Torres

Georgetown University

“Using diplomacy and global commerce as a central means of engagement, I hope to leave a more peaceful world to my children.”

As a young man, Tim found inspiration to serve others in his community from his brother’s service as a police officer. He enlisted in the Army in 2005 shortly after graduating from high school. Tim served in the 75th Ranger Regiment as an Airborne Ranger for more than a decade, deploying 11 times in support of combat operations.

His time in special operations evolved Tim’s views on the war’s impact and its lasting devastation on all who experienced it. With a strong desire to lessen the human suffering caused by armed conflict, Tim drastically altered his career path by volunteering for diplomatic roles within the Army. This new position brought Tim back to the same war zones he previously served as a Ranger, but this time with the mission to end and prevent armed conflict. During negotiations to support the Afghan peace process, Tim sat across from the same Taliban fighters he had previously faced on the battlefield.

This experience motivated Tim to pursue a master of arts in international business and policy at Georgetown University. Now a Chief Warrant Officer 2, Tim will use his combat experience, diplomatic expertise, and education to develop actionable economic and government stability policies designed to prevent future conflicts and improve the quality of life in turbulent regions.