2019 Tillman Scholar

Timothy Bishop

Harvard University

“As the problems facing the world grow more complex, governments must utilize every tool at their disposal to provide security and opportunity for their citizens.”

Tim grew up in northern New Jersey, just outside of New York City. In the shadow of the aftermath of 9/11, Tim decided to follow the example of his grandfather and join the military as an Army Officer. After Officer Candidate School, Ranger School and Airborne School, he served as an Infantry Officer in the 10th Mountain Division and the 1st Armored Division. During his seven years of service, Tim deployed twice to the battlefields of Afghanistan, helping to protect coalition troops while advising Afghan forces in their fight against both the Taliban and ISIS.

Witnessing the impact that good governance can have on the lives of ordinary citizens, both in the US and Afghanistan, Tim realized that there is a long way to go for governments to provide equal opportunities for those in disadvantaged communities. He hopes to leverage innovative, data-driven solutions and the best management practices to reform the ways that governments work and deliver for their citizens.

Tim is currently pursuing dual Master’s degrees in Public Policy and Business Administration from the Harvard Kennedy School and MIT Sloan School of Management, where he is focusing on understanding the future of local governments, and how the challenges and opportunities of the age of big data can transform the ways that governments improve the lives of their citizens.