2021 Tillman Scholar

Timothy Berry

New York University

“My purpose and patriotism are rooted in connecting transformational ecosystems to people often forgotten but deserving of opportunities, community, and love. ” 

The oldest of five children to a widowed mother, Timothy was always a leader and decided to attend West Point in his junior high school year. Timothy entered West Point and soon was elected class president. While at West Point, Timothy developed a sense of community and intellectual curiosity about social and economic justice in America.

After serving in the 101st Airborne Division, Timothy returned to his alma mater as a diversity admissions officer and was part of the team that ushered in the most racially diverse class in the Academy’s history—witnessing the educational disparities and lack of representation of Black and Hispanic officers in the military. Timothy created Collaborate and Graduate (CAG), a non-profit focused on helping Black and Hispanic students applying to service academies or selective ROTC programs pay for SAT/ACT preparation classes.

Now, in the private sector, Timothy has seen the impact of that compound opportunity debt that accelerates through a lack of education credentialing and has worked to spread economic opportunity through people programs and global business policy. Timothy continues to be a vocal advocate for racial justice issues. He has written or been quoted in publications such as the New York Times, U.S.A Today, National Public Radio, CBS Radio, The Root, Southern Poverty Law Center, and the Huffington Post. He is currently pursuing a master’s in business administration at NYU Stern, where he is focused on strategy.