2022 Tillman Scholar

Thomas Roache

University of California - Los Angeles
Doctor of Medicine

“Success on the battlefield required teamwork, leadership, dedication, and innovation. As a physician, I want to employ those same attributes in the effort to provide quality care for the underserved.”

Thomas is a lifelong public servant, veteran, and medical student driven to provide assistance to individuals and communities facing incredibly challenging circumstances. After graduating from Brown University, Thomas played leadership roles in a wide variety of initiatives around the country and the world, including economic and social development, education, health and medical, environmental, and emergency/disaster response. However, it was not until administering a relief program for child refugees in an active war zone that Thomas discovered his desire to provide direct patient care. He joined the U.S. Army and served two tours as a Special Forces Medical Sergeant, earning a Bronze Star. The experience solidified his love of medicine, and set him on his path to becoming a civilian doctor.

With his career as a physician, Thomas intends to continue to work on behalf of those oppressed not by dictatorial states, but by socioeconomic factors. By leveraging lessons learned through his military, professional, and academic experiences, Thomas hopes to develop and implement better systems of care for communities around the world. In addition, Thomas hopes to use his background in media creation and civic organizing to shape the public discourse around caring for the underserved. By helping to provide platforms by which patients might tell their own stories, Thomas hopes to foster stronger and more widespread empathy – an instrumental factor in galvanizing public support for change.