2015 Tillman Scholar

Sharon Height

University of Alabama

“I’ve learned that if your life is not committed to serving others, then it is not worth living.”

After taking advice from her sister, “don’t live life with regrets,” Sharon decided to follow in her late father’s and brother’s footsteps and join the service, ultimately making her realize that her service is the rent she pays for living. The most important lesson Sharon learned during her time serving came in Mazar E Sharif, Afghanistan, learning that “freedom is worth having and worth dying for.” Upon arriving in Bagram, Afghanistan, and met by some of the nicest people at the USO, Sharon offered to pay for her soda and popcorn when the individual behind the counter pointed to a picture of Pat Tillman on the wall and said, “the family of Pat Tillman supports the soldiers.” Sharon stared at a photo that stared at her and when she read Pat’s story she felt empowered to do all she could to carry his sacrifice with her throughout her deployment.

Sharon plans to obtain a doctorate degree in Higher Education Administration with a career goal of ultimately leading a college or university as their President or Chancellor. With service in the military preparing her for management of diverse people’s educational pursuits as well as multi million dollar budgets, Sharon plans to use her lessons to serve as a catalyst for positive global change in the United States and abroad. While serving others and the community through advancing future leaders’ educational objectives through academic preparedness, Sharon plans to make an impact through her career and continued service by serving as an academic mentor to junior officers and noncommissioned officers.