2017 Tillman Scholar

Shane Harris

University of Miami

“I wish to help veterans reach their functional goals and return to an active, healthy lifestyle.”

Enlisting out of high school in 2006, Shane was motivated by a desire to serve his country and be part of something larger than himself. Four years later, he had seen more of the world, and learned more about life and leadership than he had ever imagined he could. Serving with 3rd Ranger Battalion, Shane’s life changed when he was introduced to a platoon sergeant who had worked his way back into the fight, despite being a below knee amputee. As his enlistment was coming to an end, Shane set his sights on becoming a physical therapist, a career he deemed to have a pivotal role in the rehabilitation of an individual’s physical and mental well-being.

Currently serving as the national student liaison for the Federal Section of the American Physical Therapy Association, Shane continues to advocate for providing the best possible care for injured service members. With a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from the University of Miami, he plans to work for the VA or as part of the military healthcare system, providing rehabilitation care for veterans and underserved populations worldwide. Shane is specifically interested in amputee care and working with patients who are suffering from Traumatic Brain Injuries. Additionally, he desires to advance those fields through research and publication. During clinical experiences, Shane has witnessed how relating over a common military background leads to stronger, more meaningful relationships with his patients, which has strengthened his desire to pursue a career serving those who continue to serve.