2015 Tillman Scholar

Sean McLafferty

University of Missouri

“It is my desire to have the impact from my service outlive my own life – not only through understanding issues that impact people, but educating about unnoticed concerns.”

With a passion to fight for others and defend America, Sean joined the Army as an Infantryman upon graduating from high school. Serving a 2005 deployment to New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, Sean realized there were other ways to serve his nation other than fighting wars. During a 15-month deployment to Iraq in 2006, Sean gained the appreciation of altruism, perseverance, and teamwork, setting an unparalleled precedence for the rest of his life.

Switching to a reservist role in 2008 and enrolling in college, Sean has had the opportunity to empathize with junior soldiers and plans to ensure public policy works for individuals who have been forgotten or have no voice. Currently studying at University of Missouri’s Truman School of Public Affairs, seeking a Master’s degree with a specialization in Public Policy, Sean also plans to earn a Juris Doctorate in order to positively affect countless lives.

Serving others has always been a rewarding experience for Sean, and that is the major reason he is the founding Platoon Leader of the Columbia Service Platoon for The Mission Continues. It is Sean’s desire to educate people about concerns which otherwise might have gone unnoticed and stand up and fight for the people who need it most.