2018 Tillman Scholar

Sean Cooke

Georgetown University
B.S., International Affairs

“The international landscape demands that US leaders ask objective and difficult questions, present rewarding solutions, and follow through with informed strategy. Through my studies and service I strive to contribute to answering these demands.”

Sean has served in the Navy for a decade as a member of the Naval Special Warfare community. He spent a year and a half in Afghanistan conducting contingency operations, and an additional two years working with interagency partners in Central America. Proficient in Farsi and Spanish, he has pursued work in a multitude of challenging environments to push the envelope on innovation.

Motivated by the complex problems he has encountered in his service, Sean is pursuing a degree in Regional Studies at Georgetown University’s Edmund Walsh School of Foreign Service. He is focused on Persia and international relations, and aspires to one day hold a diplomatic position within the region.

Sean’s passion as a mentor has extended from the military realm to the collegiate athlete and school-aged children forums where he has shared his personal experiences with success and failure. He believes that now, more than ever, young adults and adolescents need positive role models and hope. He seeks to connect with myriad communities to help influence and empower others.