2010 Tillman Scholar

Ryan Reynolds

Air Force
University of Arkansas
M.S., Operations Management

Upon graduating high school, Ryan Reynolds did not have a direction. Most of his peers were doing the usual: going to college. Ryan attempted the usual by enrolling in a local college but had to withdraw three weeks into the fall semester due to his car dying. Ryan worked retail jobs around his hometown until one day he decided that the jobs are dead-ends. He wanted more out of life. A close uncle convinced him to enlist in the Air Force. In it he would gain a sense of direction, a sense of pride. 

After serving in the Air Force and Air National Guard, Ryan decided to use the discipline learned from the military and apply it to academia. The seven years of combined military service instilled a strong work ethic and a feeling that no challenge is too great to accomplish. Subsequently, Ryan enrolled in the College of Engineering at the University of Arkansas and obtained a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering. After obtaining the bachelor’s degree, Ryan felt his analytical skills would be complemented by pursuing a master’s degree in operations management.  

Upon receiving his master’s, Ryan returned to the Air Force-not as a uniformed member-but as a civilian with the Air Force Cost Analysis Agency. Drawing from his experiences in the military and utilizing what he learned in college, Ryan plans to make a positive impact as a civilian with the Air Force.