2024 Tillman Scholar

Randip Singh

Stanford University

“I hope to continue to live by the Special Forces motto: De Oppresso Liber, ‘To Free the Oppressed,’ by enabling affordable clean energy solutions to create self-reliant communities.”

Randip was born in New York but spent most of his childhood in India. Upon returning to America at 17, he had a great sense of gratitude for all the opportunities available to him as a US citizen. Being a first-generation American and a Sikh, he felt a responsibility to represent his community in service to his country and to integrate into American society. He earned his Green Beret in 2016 and served as a Special Forces Medic in deployments to Syria and Iraq. During that time, he used his multicultural background and linguistic skills to help forge enduring relationships and positively impact war-torn communities. 

Throughout his time deploying to the Middle East and through his experiences growing up in India, Randip observed the profound impact a lack of energy infrastructure has on societies. After transitioning from the military, he wants to use his background in mechanical and nuclear engineering to undertake the challenge of becoming a leader in the global energy transition and provide cost-effective sustainable energy solutions. In doing so, he seeks to continue to live by the Special Forces motto, “De Oppresso Libre,” meaning “To free the oppressed,” by helping to create self-reliant communities. 

Randip is pursuing an MBA at Stanford University, where he hopes to explore topics at the cross-section of technology and business and gain skills to lead the development of emerging clean energy technologies.