2020 Tillman Scholar

Rachel Wilcox

Military Spouse
The George Washington University

“I do not define success by the number of ‘A’s’ received or awards earned, but instead, by the attitude I maintain when things do not go according to plan.”

Rachel’s journey to physical therapy school was neither traditional nor easy; nevertheless, she is grateful for the experiences and losses that drove her to pursue a career as a military physical therapist. 

Physical therapists in this community have the unique opportunity to serve individuals who serve everyone but themselves. As a spouse and advocate, Rachel hopes to ensure that service members, veterans and family members receive the level of treatment and understanding they deserve. By identifying, listening to and acting on these individuals’ specific goals, she hopes she can deliver optimal, compassionate care to best suit their needs.

Following graduation from George Washington University’s doctor of physical therapy program, Rachel wants to commission as a medical officer in the Air Force and serve the military community directly as a licensed physical therapist. She hopes to become a board-certified orthopedic and neurologic clinical specialist to treat active duty service members and veterans who have sustained spinal cord injuries, fracture injuries and amputations in service to this country.

The military community has supported Rachel as a spouse and has taught her to embrace challenges, expect change and empower herself with information. Rachel has a vested interest in this community and believes she can provide patients the encouragement and tools they need to continue their lives with renewed purpose in service to others.