2017 Tillman Scholar

Paul Wade

University of Missouri

“Every life has value and giving every person the ability to be valuable should be our goal.”

Paul is part of a family with a long line of service to the United States. 9/11 happened when Paul was in college, and he knew he wanted to serve in some way following those events. As the United States invaded Iraq, Paul enlisted to become an infantryman so he could serve his country on the front lines of the war on terror.

Paul deployed to both Iraq and Afghanistan as both an enlistedman and then as an officer. Paul’s last two deployments were to the eastern part of Afghanistan, where he worked very closely with Afghan police and army. While working with Afghans, Paul noticed that a functioning economy stopped terror more effectively than any bullet could. A functioning economy relied upon the assurance of safety, the free flow of money, and the effectiveness of law. Paul saw firsthand how the poor were able to send their children to schools that would forever alter their ability to impact their community and the world. He saw the way a good job with prospects of a better life made people reject insurgent movements promising less economic growth.

Paul’s work with Afghans has shown him the importance of trade, investment, and American companies moving overseas. Paul received his MBA with a focus in international business while serving in the military and left the Army after 12 years to pursue his Juris Doctor at the University of Missouri in order to help America become successful in growing business outside its shores.