2022 Tillman Scholar

Nicholas Maynes

Harvard University

“I believe that education is the closest thing to magic that we have in this world.”

Raised in a family committed to military service, Nick knew he would serve in the Army at a young age. After graduating from high school, he decided to attend West Point, where he felt he could best serve his country while still pursuing a top-tier college education. Striving to lead the best men and women in the Army, Nick was commissioned as a Field Artillery Officer in the 82nd Airborne Division.

In 2017, Nick deployed to Iraq, serving alongside the Iraqi Army throughout the Liberation of Mosul from ISIS. Upon returning from deployment, Nick pursued a broadening assignment as an Assistant Professor of Military Science at Howard University, teaching promising cadets leadership and strategic thinking.

Realizing that education is at the center of many of the world’s crises today, Nick has now decided to pursue an MBA at The Haas School of Business and his MPA at Harvard University. He hopes to gain the entrepreneurial knowledge and requisite business acumen to construct an organization that simultaneously balances its revenue and expenses while tackling the systemic problems that underserved students face. Nick is currently the Chairman and Treasurer of the first graduate test prep non-profit, Smart with a Heart, and he will join Bain & Company in their Austin office post-graduation.