2015 Tillman Scholar

Michael Weipert

Texas A&M University

“My ambition in life is to ease suffering and help as many people as I possibly can.”

In the days after 9/11, Michael – already on track for medical school – told his wife he was joining the Army instead of going to medical school so he could deploy as quickly as possible. He left college with enough credits to graduate early, commissioned as an officer, became a helicopter/fixed wing pilot and deployed to Iraq three times.

Though proud of his service as a pilot, Michael felt that he could do more to help fellow service members. While deployed to Iraq, he often volunteered off-duty at a military hospital. One day, due to the number of injured personnel, a doctor asked Michael to assist with a surgery to amputate a patient’s injured leg. As he stood in the operating room, Michael vowed on the spot to complete medical school and do everything possible to give back as a military doctor.

At Texas A&M University, Michael is now working toward his goal to become a Military Emergency Medicine Physician with the goal of providing casualty care for wounded troops on the front lines. He also hopes to give back serving on medical missions with the U.S.S. Mercy around the world.