2009 Tillman Scholar

Melissa Stroh

Military Spouse
University of Idaho

Life changing events cause you to reflect on life goals and what is truly important.  In 2006, my husband (Eric) was injured and ultimately disabled from an IED explosion in Iraq.  That blast changed both our lives changed forever.  I had a goal of going to law school and was on my way to achieving this goal, having been recently accepted into law school. After Eric’s injury goals were put on hold and the focus was helping him get better.   Knowing that I was going to be the one working to support the family, completing my degree became important.

Logistics did not allow me to attend Law School, however I was able to find another degree that allowed me to obtain my Masters in Business Administration from the University of Idaho.  This degree has helped me to increase my knowledge, as well as given me the financial ability to support my family.   

I am currently a Regional Communication Center Manager for the Idaho State Police. I manage one of two dispatch centers that serve the State of Idaho. This job allows me to serve people that are in need, many on their worst days with kindness and respect. This career is challenging but also rewarding. I am also active in several organizations and seek leadership and service roles to help support my community. I also strive to be a role model for my daughter so that she will grow and seek out opportunities to serve others as she grows.