2014 Tillman Scholar

Matthew McCallum

Marine Corps
University of Oregon
M.S., Psychology

“I have a desire and curiosity to learn more about relationships and the human experience.”

After completing his undergraduate studies at the US Naval Academy in 2008, Matt served five years in the Marine Corps as a logistician, deploying twice to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. Upon completing his active duty commitment, Matt began his journey of personal healing and transition into the civilian culture by spending some years in the still, remote desert of Southern Utah. Curious to learn more about relationships and the human experience, Matt turned toward graduate school, which prompted his move to Eugene, OR.

His years of graduate studies in counseling at the University of Oregon were among the most valuable educational experiences of his life, particularly in the fields of radical politics and feminist theory. He continues to draw upon this foundation to inform his work in the community at-large. Matt has a passion for community-building and strives to be an ally to marginalized and oppressed peoples in ensuring that public services and resources are inclusive, accessible, equitable, and safe for all members of the community.

A music junkie, Matt currently works for the House of Records in Eugene. Outside of work, Matt enjoys cycling, playing bass, going to shows, dancing, swimming, hiking, watching horror movies, and animals.