2014 Tillman Scholar

Marshall Bahr

University of Nebraska Medical Center

“Living the Ranger Creed, “Never leave a fallen comrade,” I merge medicine and business, fervently advocating for veterans, their health, their dignity, their rightful place in society.”

Dr. Marshall Bahr, an Omaha, Nebraska native, came from a lineage of military service and embraced his duty to country post-September 11. Serving with the 75th Ranger Regiment as a special operations medic, Marshall conducted over 500 combat missions, experiencing the profound physical and emotional toll war exacts on our veterans.

Though medicine’s power to provide life-saving interventions was undeniable, he soon realized its limitations in healing the physical and psychological scars of war. Marshall saw friends return from service only to grapple with a healthcare system ill-prepared to understand veterans’ unique needs and the overprescription of painkillers, often leading to devastating addiction and overdose.

This reality inspired Dr. Bahr to commit his life to serving our veterans. Pursuing a medical degree from the University of Nebraska Medical Center, he dedicated his studies to getting to the root of veterans’ issues and addressing them in innovative ways. Currently, as an MBA candidate at Youngstown State University, he aims to marry his medical knowledge with business strategy to effect substantial change.

Over time, Marshall’s commitment to the most vulnerable populations has led to the founding of Vanguard Medical Services, a company aimed at delivering healthcare to the incarcerated, and Xterra Health, a direct primary care practice making healthcare accessible and affordable.

His passion for veteran care also drove him to initiate “The Helping Heroes Program,” focusing on critical veteran issues including PTSD, trauma, substance abuse, transitioning to civilian life, and family concerns. Marshall Bahr’s mission is clear: serve, heal, empower. His lineage, service, and commitment to education and entrepreneurship all work towards that end, forging a path of advocacy and care for our veterans.