2013 Tillman Scholar

Mark Ebeling

University of St. Thomas

MAJ Ebeling (Ret) began his military service at the age of 17 in the 125th Field Artillery as a 13 Bravo. On October 17th, 1988, Private Ebeling was designated as Honor Graduate of training cycle 40-88 where he was recognized for his superior performance in physical fitness, marksmanship, and combat arms skills in addition to his demonstrated leadership and professionalism. This is where his distinguished career began.

He became a Registered Nurse in 1995 and soon after accepted a direct commission as a 2LT in the 4223rd US Army Hospital, later moving to the 452nd CSH at Fort Snelling, MN. Senior leaders quickly noted his leadership skills, and he soon took on the role of Executive Officer and ultimately in 2007, he assumed Company Command of Alpha Company. In addition to his command responsibilities, he also took on the role as FOB mayor over 10 medical elements at the JRTC in 2008. The 452nd CSH became the first CSH certified to care for real patients during the war preparation exercise hosting thousands of troops.

In the fall of 2008, MAJ Ebeling left his civilian hospital position and assumed the role of Mobilization Planner for the unit’s pending deployment to Afghanistan. July 2009, he deployed to Afghanistan where he took on the additional duty of Det Commander and served as the J-5 Plans & Operations and Assistant J-3 officer for Task Force- Med located on Bagram Airfield. His primary role was building the Afghan medical infrastructure, through developing an Afghan physician trauma training program and advising Afghan hospitals and medical facilities throughout the country. As a key NATO strategy to build sustainable programs, MAJ Ebeling’s work transitioned to Afghan leaders, with many still active prior to the U.S. withdrawal. Then-CPT Ebeling was awarded the Bronze Star Medal for his achievements.

Additionally, he was awarded the Joint Service Achievement medal by the 82nd Airborne for his clinical support during a MASCAL generated by an avalanche consuming an entire Afghan village. He was also recognized and coined by General Michael Scaparrotti for his support of Combined Joint Task Force 82. Detachment 17 was awarded a Meritorious Unit Citation by General Stanley McChrystal for their efforts.

Post-deployment, MAJ Ebeling returned to his home unit and retired in 2016. He is a board-certified Nurse Executive, holds a Healthcare MBA, and currently works at the University of Minnesota Medical Center as the Director of Critical Care & ECMO program. In his free time, he volunteers locally as a youth athletics coach.