2012 Tillman Scholar

Lindsey Melki

New York University

A desire to be a part of something bigger than herself and the offer of free world-class education is what propelled Lindsey from her childhood home in New Jersey to West Point in 2000.  

Raised by an Italian-American mother and an Israeli father who served as an I.D.F. tanker during the Six-Day War, Lindsey credits the values taught by her family for making her the woman she is today. After graduating from West Point in 2004, she spent the subsequent seven years as an Army Officer and Blackhawk helicopter pilot, serving in a plethora of leadership roles throughout the US and abroad. During a 15-month stint in Baghdad, Lindsey served as a platoon leader and mission commander for 15 successful air-assault missions while logging over 500 combat flight hours. 

After completing her military commitment, Lindsey earned her Master of Business and Master of Public Administration degrees from New York University in the spring of 2015. After graduating, she began full-time with Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s Public Finance Investment Banking group — a role that allows her to work at the intersection of finance and policy. In the future, she hopes to transition back to a public service role in order to continue serving her country.  

Lindsey is proud to be a Tillman Military Scholar, enjoys mentoring veterans transitioning out of military service, and serves as a board member for the Warrior-Scholar Project. Lindsey currently resides in Brooklyn with her wife Julie and pup Lenny.