2018 Tillman Scholar

Lindsay Lorson

Air Force
Arizona State University
M.S., Applied Behavior Analysis

“By living my truth and dedicating my self to the service of others, I have discovered the most rewarding career.”

At 18 years old, Lindsay joined the Air Force to see the world beyond her hometown in rural North Dakota and serve her country, just as her grandfather did while serving aboard the USS Intrepid in WWII. After three years, her job specialty was force-shaped, and she had to choose between entering a new career path or separating from the service. Knowing she had more to give, Lindsay applied to become an Air Force Flight Attendant. She was selected and spent the next 10 years traveling to over 80 countries. In her travels, she encountered many injustices faced around the globe like extreme poverty, hunger, and human trafficking.

While deployed to Afghanistan, Lindsay volunteered at the base hospital caring for wounded Afghan children; during which she began to realize her true calling in life: helping those in need. After 13 years of honorable military service, she separated from the Air Force to pursue a career in serving oppressed and vulnerable populations. She completed her Master of Social Work degree and is currently completing a second master’s degree in Applied Behavioral Analysis. By combining Applied Behavioral Analysis with a licensure in Clinical Social Work, she aims to provide her clients with full-spectrum care.

In the military, Lindsay formed a strong foundation of selfless service, professionalism and striving for excellence. Whether she is caring for our Nation’s leaders or a survivor of human trafficking, Lindsay is doing everything in her will to make a positive change in the lives of others.