2021 Tillman Scholar

Lauren Luther

Marine Corps
Brown University

“As a Marine, I prided myself on always finding a way to yes. I will earn the same reputation as a physician: a doctor that veterans can count on.”

Lauren graduated from Harvard University in 2011 with a B.S. in industrial engineering. Inspired early on by her grandfather’s military service and motivated to serve following the events of 9/11, Lauren commissioned as an officer in the Marine Corps. As a lieutenant on deployment in Afghanistan, she learned dynamic-problem solving while commanding a rapid response element charged with recovering damaged vehicles in the battle space.

Although rife with challenges, she credits the experience, and especially her brave and selfless Marines, with molding her into a servant-leader. Later, she was the first woman chosen to command a marksmanship training unit where she combined her love of teaching with her passion for marksmanship. The Marines she led were often infantrymen in their last year of service, many of them saddled with chronic pain and injuries as the result of multiple deployments. As they moved to their next phase in life, she witnessed the myriad of challenges they faced in accessing quality healthcare.

Inspired by the Marines with whom she had the privilege to serve, she decided to leave the military in order to pursue medical training in orthopedic surgery. Having seen the impact of injury and disability on quality of life, she is determined to apply her Marine Corps skillset and background in engineering to help others achieve and maintain mobility and function. She is especially passionate about providing superior care to veterans, a community she considers her family and one in which musculoskeletal injuries are particularly pervasive and debilitating.