2016 Tillman Scholar

Katelyn Newton

Military Spouse
Arizona State University
DNP, Pediatric Primary Care

“We believe the service lines we choose have a significant impact on improving the lives of others.”

Katelyn knows firsthand that service and sacrifice mean different things to different people. As a military spouse, she has faced the unique challenges of her husband’s service as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician. As a pediatric oncology nurse, she has personally faced moments where the decisions she had to make in a split second impacted whether or not a child lived. And she has drawn on her own experience within the military community – facing long separations, frequent relocations and day to day worry about a loved one’s well-being – to extend support and healing to their families.

Inspired by her husband’s commitment to serving, she dedicates an extensive amount of time to volunteer her medical skills at camps for children with cancer, special events serving children in foster care and their families, and schools as far away as Tanzania. Collectively, these experiences – while supporting her husband through his career – have made her more well-rounded and taught her about her strengths, limitations, and the many ways that she can utilize her talents.

At Arizona State University, she is now pursuing her Doctorate of Nursing Practice in pediatrics to continue making an impact in the lives of children and families during their greatest times of need. By utilizing the unique skill sets she has developed in her personal and professional life, she believes that she can make a significant difference in pediatric oncology and pediatric palliative care to improve the lives of children facing a life-threatening illness.