2015 Tillman Scholar

Karen Hansen

Military Spouse
University of California - Los Angeles
Ph.D, Germanic Languages

“My husband’s deployments caused me to dig deeper inside myself, to become more resilient and to reach out to others going through difficult times.”

As a military spouse, Karen has worked in her own right to preserve U.S. national security, working on issues related to counter-proliferation, cyber-threat analysis, digital forensics, and incident response. Since 9/11, the perspectives she has gained from her husband’s overseas deployments, his injury and recovery process, and her own experiences have strengthened her resolve to act as a bridge between the government and academia to support the resiliency of the military community while protecting U.S. national security interests.

Today, enrolled as a Ph.D. candidate at UCLA, Karen wants to leverage her multilingualism to serve as a government terrorism analyst, identifying linkages between events occurring in the United States and abroad. In addition to her studies, she works with InfraGard Los Angeles, a national partnership between the government and private sector to protect critical national infrastructure.