2019 Tillman Scholar

Justin Solarczyk

University of California - San Francisco

“I hope to serve in the fight against medical inequities both domestically and abroad by utilizing teamwork, innovation and compassion.”

Justin’s personal and professional experiences have led him towards a career focused on creating meaningful change in national and global healthcare. Raised in an economically challenging environment by a terminally ill mother, Justin identified early on with those struggling through difficult circumstances. When he first heard the motto of the Green Berets–“De Oppresso Liber,” meaning, “To Liberate the Oppressed”–he felt an immediate kinship with the regiment and its mission, joining its ranks immediately following college.

During multiple combat deployments as a Special Forces Medical Sergeant, Justin came to love medicine. As a soldier, Justin fought against political oppression, protecting indigenous and allied personnel from harm. As a Medical Sergeant, he used equally potent tools to fight the physical, psychological and emotional oppression wrought by illness–the same oppression he and his family experienced while caring for their mother. Continuing in her memory and the spirit of the regiment’s motto, Justin continues to work towards improving and expanding quality healthcare delivery to underserved communities throughout the country and the world.